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    PPE Vending Machine

    Safety Gloves

    The availability of Personal Protection Equipment for staff is a legal requirement. As Personal Protection Equipment is provided free of charge, this can an area of concern and great expense to a business if costs are not controlled.

    Our PPE Management System gives you full control of your personal protection equipment. Our system ensures that your inventory is managed correctly, leaving you safe in the knowledge that all health and safety regulations are adhered to.

    Hazards and types of protection from Mersey Vend PPE vending


  • Hazards – chemical or metal splash, dust projectiles, gas and vapour.

  • Types of protection – safety spectacles, goggles.


  • Hazards – dust, gas, vapours.

  • Types of protection – masks, filtering facepieces.

  • HANDS and ARMS

  • Hazards – abrasions, cuts, punctures, electric shock, contamination.

  • Types of protection – gloves, gauntlets, mitts, wristcuffs, armlets.

  • EARS

  • Hazards – noise, dust,

  • Types of protection – ear muffs, ear plugs, canal caps.

  • Storage of PPE should be adequate to protect the PPE from loss, damage, contamination, damp and sunlight.

    When considering arrangements for providing replacement PPE it must be remembered that unless a task requiring PPE can be stopped, avoided or delayed then replacemenr PPE must always be readily available.

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